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Re: Flower pollination

Flower pollination can be carried out from flower to flower with a q-tip, but 
a small paint brush is much more gentle to transfer pollen.  Some flowers are 
not self fertile in that the pollen may not ripen at the same time the pistil 
is receptive etc. . I would think that  trying a transfer  several times 
throughout the flowering period is also more certain.  Some water plants can 
be easily pollinated by dipping them into a container of water since the 
pollen floats off one and hopefully attaches to the pistils of others in the 
multiflowered stalk or where more than one stalk or plant is involved.  Camel 
hair brushes are very gentle, but I have used childrens paint brushes to 
transfer pollen in many cases. These are cheap and redily available.
Elmer L. Morehouse

Justin writes
>I was wondering what the best way to ensure pollination of plant's flowers
>is, as most of our aquariums are a little short on bees to take care of it
>for us.  Specifically, my Apons and an Ozelot sword I recently acquired
>(thanks Sylvia!), as well as a stem plant whose name I can't remember at the
>moment are flowering like mad, and I'm always happy to grow new plants.  My
>initial thought was using a q-tip to rub the pistil and stamen on each
>flower, transferring pollen, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea.  As
>always, all help is greatly appreciated.