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Re: What kind of fish in a no-water-change tank?

> From: Biplane10 at aol_com

> I'm just wondering, for those of you who just do top-offs with r.o., and
> infrequent or no water changes, what types of fish are you keeping in these
> tanks?

I don't know if I count on this. I do advocate water changes, but the
truth of the matter is I don't do nearly as many as I'd like. I wish I
could do them every week, but reality is when things are going well they
get done about once a month and not uncommonly up to about 3 months. I
keep mostly livebearers (wild type and fancy), and killies, though I do
have a few small cichlids, gobies, anabantoids, loaches and other
miscellaneous fish. I've had some fish that are supposed to be difficult
or hard to breed that have done well for me. I think it's the plants
that those fish have liked. I think some fish like older water better. I
do well with poecillids and goodieds but Xiphs don't like me as well.
I've also had less than stellar results with rainbows. I have breed them
but most of them get sick too easy for me to want to bother with them. I
do well with epiplatys but some of the "easier" killies have given me
grief. My belief is that it's a combination of the water you put in, the
other things in the tank and the maintenance. I've had thriving
populations of fish, moved them into another tank and they did terrible,
moved them again and had them thrive again, put a different fish in the
tank the first one didn't do well in and they do great. I'd say I have
about 25 or so different types of fish breeding regularly right now, and
at least that many that are just living here or breed irregularly.