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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #665 - Subject: Re: Is no filter an option?

I read your article and I wonder if I could reproduce your results.  My tap
water is about 9.0 pH.  I use AqPharm AmmoBlock and pH Down.  I know too low
a pH is no good for many plants but 7.0 is good for the fish.  I do 25%
water changes weekly, which is probably too much.  I'm using 2 20 W bulbs
which is 2W/Gal. in my 20 long tank, less than your 80W. shop lights.  I
think there is a reduction of 50% per foot distance from light source, so I
imagine that as plants grow taller, they get more light.

Your tanks looked beautiful and seemed to show very strong growth.  It's a
very exciting idea, and I think I will reduce my water changes gradually and
maybe try turning off the power head eventually and see what happens.
Thanks for your post.

  BTW, when it says that Ammo Lock neutralizes heavy metals, do you think
that's a bad thing?  If so, I may have to switch to AmQuel as indicated in
another message.  We've got just about every antibiotic measure in our
water, and chloramines do not dissipate at all.

> Most of my tanks aren't filtered, and don't have water movement, except
> what may occur from the inhabitants. The plants grow great, and there is
> no surface scum. Almost all of them are very full of plants and quite a
> few are pretty full with fish too. I have a lot of livebearers and they
> don't show much restraint in reproducing, it's not unusual for me to
> have a 10 gallon tank with 20 or more fish in it, and quite a few shrimp
> too.
> Rhonda
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