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Re: Silicone tubing and CO2

Wayne writes:

> I have heard this repeated before but I don't buy it at all. Silicone tubing
>  does harden a little bit over time but it lasts many years. I have tested
>  the tubing by placing my yeast sugar system under water and clamping off 
>  end of the silicone tubing line. There were no detectable leaks at all let
>  alone a loss of 30% of the gas. In my test situation the silicone line was
>  under considerable pressure too. In actual practice the pressure in the CO2
>  line is vanishingly small or even negative. Perhaps silicone tubing leaks 
>  it is under 40 psi pressure but it sure doesn't seem to at low presssures.

The way that gas passes through a membrane, it would come out the other side 
a single molecule at a time.  There would be no bubbles.... hey!! maybe this 
would make for a good diffuser if you stuck , like 20 feet of it in the 
substrate and just let it seep up into the water column.

Bob Dixon