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Chelated trace mix for PMDD, is this fine?

Hi all,
My 20-gallon heavily planted has got into algae and nutrients deficiency
problems. First, I saw the plants (e.g Anubias nana, Hair glass, etc.)
developed yellow pale leaves and I was told that this was a sign of
nutrients deficiency. Then I began add "Tetra's Floral Pride" daily, they
did not get better and there was a brown algae bloom after the
fertilization. I changed the fertilization into Azoo's trace elements mix
and I was not satisfied with it. I've read in the krib about PMDD and I
hope this would be the thing that will rid my problem.

I went to a garden store in Bangkok today to find its ingredients. I  came
back with one (for terrestrial plants) that has Mg 2.4% Mn 1.5% Fe 1.5% Cu
0.5% Zn 0.5% Co 0.03% B 0.3% Mo 0.03%. Would this ingredients work as a
souce of chelated trace mix in PMDD.

I asked the shopkeeper for Nitrate and they only has K2O. Would this be a
substution for K2SO4?

Thank you very much.
Arthit Prasartkul
 38/4 Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok 10110 Thailand Tel.(02)651-1414