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Rd: They're WATCHING you!!! (only kidding)

I don't know of anyone personally getting raided for aquarium plants,
though I have heard of someone getting raided for possibly having
illegal fish. Though I don't remember who or the details so maybe it is
just a legand that someone told me.

I did have a neighber that was looking at my fish room once and was
surprised I hadn't been visited by the local sherriff, with all my
lights in there. I really hadn't thought about it until he had brought
it up. There is a strong incentive for police to raid drug related
places. They get to confiscate pretty much anything they want, even
before a trial, and they make a lot of money this way. There have been a
lot of cases of abuse of law enforcement agencys doing that sort of
thing down here. There sadly seems to be a lot of corruption in
government in Arizona though. I don't recall anywhere near the number of
allegations of abuse when I lived in Washington and Montana that we see
here in Arizona. You'd have to think, hope, that the enforcement agencys
would know the difference between aquariums and marijuana though. You'd
also think that enforcement people would be able to tell the minute they
walked in the door. Marijuana plants have a strong odor.

I guess this is an example of why it's a good idea to chat with your
nieghbors some. Mine know I have a fishroom, we have casual
conversations over the fence. I also asked them both if my chickens and
ducks bother them. Seems to me it's better to find out in conversation
than wait until they complain about you. Mine don't mind my critters.