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Re: Plant Again Front Glass

>>Can anyone tell me why you aren't (so I read) supposed to let plants grow
against the front glass?  I have glosso in the front of my tank that's
spreading like mad.  When some of the shoots hit the front glass, they just
turned along it and are growing that way.  There's a runner line right
along the front of the glass, and you can see the roots extending down at
regular intervals under the plantlets.  It sounds like covering that part
of the substrate so it doesn't get light is a good idea anyway, so is there
harm in leaving these plants growing the way they are?<<

I think people say that its a no no for asthetic reasons. At least thats my
reason for avoiding it. The viewing angle of the aquascape looks much more
impressive without leaves pressed up against the glass. It looks more
natural, more of a snapshot of an underwater scene. If I can see leaves or
roots sqooshed on the glass it just reminds me that this is just a
tank...kinda ruins the fantasy!

Robert Paul H
RK Aquaria Plant Forum moderator
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