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Leaf Size (lotus)

Oops.  I accidentally sent that last one too soon.

I used to have a green nymphea lotus that grew huge
8'x5' leaves and started to overgrow the whole tank. 
By looking at pictures of them in books and tank
photos, I never thought they got that big.  I gave it
a Flourish tab, thinking that might be fine since I
had heard that giving it too much nitrogen and
phosphorus might make it grow too large.  

But...  I have also heard that brighter lighting can
make them more compact.  (I am not referring to the
production of floating leaves.)  I have brighter
lighting now, and a corner of the tank that might fit
one that won't grow to mammoth proportions.  

I have seen many varieties, both in the Baensch Atlas
volumes and Amano photos.  They differ markedly in
leaf shape, size, color, and so on.  I would like to
try a red one, but have no idea what kind I can
reasonably expect to get if I place an order.  

Can anyone provide any insight?  I think a discussion
on the factors influencing leaf size might be
interesting as well.

Larry L, check your yahoo mail please.

Thank you, Cavan (whose tank is being overrun with
tetra fry)      

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