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SAEs in Denver Area

I got mine from Denizens of the Deep in Fort Collins about a month ago.
They had a whole tank full of inch to inch and half babies at that time.
It would be worth a phone call.  I've seen a few in a PetsMart in the past
few days.  The only PetsMarts I've been in are the one at about Alameda and
Colorado Boulevard and the one in Park Meadows, so it must have been one of
those.  I've also been in the Park Meadows PetCo so I guess that's a
possibility.  They are labeled "Siamese Flying Fox."  I studied the
descriptions and pictures on the web carefully.  When they're as young as
mine were, they don't really have the dark stripe all the way through the
tail developed, but some in the tank were showing the beginning of it.

I didn't really want to get these because I have a small tank with small
fish and they're going to get too big very soon, but my tank had an ugly
and unrelenting branching kind of algae that wasn't going away.  When I
first put these 2 little bitty things in the tank it seemed laughable that
they'd have any effect on such a large amount of algae, but they pretty
much had things cleaned up in a week.  For that first week they ate
constantly and now I feel kind of sorry for them because I see them sitting
around quite a bit.  I'm sure an algae wafer isn't as satisfying as wall to
wall real algae.

Anyway, mine are probably going to be up for adoption in the spring.  If
you are able to house them when they reach full size, keep them in mind.

Ellen O'Connell
mailto:oconnell_wadeash at ix_netcom.com