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Re: Algae

> Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 21:29:14 EST
> From: BErney1014 at aol_com
> Subject: spore killing in substrate
> I have given up on trying to cure a 75 gallon tank of hair algae.
> I can bleach the tank but what can I do to the substrate? I'd like to reuse
> it.
> FYI, the strain of hair algae I had came from a pond when I brought in a
> plant. It was the most energetic algae I've ever experienced. It could
> explode and fill the tank entirely if any fertilizer was added. I could twirl
> it like spaghetti and it could regrow almost as fast. It loved water changes.
> I put a new intake tube on a filter intake and overnight the tube was
> covered. The algae would take a footed attachment and had to be scraped and
> scrubbed loose, it would not wipe off.
> Bruce in NJ

Get a pack of shrimp. Remove all of it you can by hand as well. Harassment
and critters. It this the green cotton ball algae? Do you have many algae
grazers? Or fish? Some plants allow the hair to get caught and not get
filtered or removed during the water changes etc. Rosey barbs will shred
anything fuzzy as well. If you have moss or Riccia they will shred that as
well. If you have this remove it and add later being careful not to add any
algae back. SAE's may help with attached algae. Keep most nutrients out of
the water. Keep your K+ up, add fertilizer to the substrate deep and don't
add to the column for awhile till things get established. Shrimps are very
effective at removing this kind of algae and if you add SAE's you should be
able to get a hold of this issue. As always keep good amounts of CO2 in
there/plants well trimmed etc. A slight vacing of the surface of the
substrate may help as well.
The above has worked for myself many times. I have never had to bleach etc
for many years now.

Another method is to "turn" your substrate but do a patch at a time. 10-20%
a week or so. You can maybe get away with more at one time but do a water
change right after. Don't crash your tank. Rotate it under and bury the
Tom Barr