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re: rocket science

> The odds are in your favor.  But if you throw craps, and it happens, I 
> work in the compressed gas industry and have first hand knowledge, now 
> you have to hope you or anyone else are not near by when it fails.  
> I design pressure circuits everyday, and what you are doing is unsafe.  
> Your cylinder is operating at 3 times the mawp of your Norgren regulator. 
>  If that cylinder regulator fails, either via a diaphram failure or it 
> just "creeps" ( can't hold your set pressure at static flow conditions ) 
> you will fail your Norgren catastrophically.  
> If you like to gamble, then do nothing.  If you don't, install a relief 
> device or connect your Norgren to your cylinder regulator with some 
> plastic hose.

Point of order:  Lyndle's "Norgren" is the cylinder regulator.  His
downstream or secondary regulator is an "ARO".  I only mention it in
case someone is following this discussion and gets confused -- and maybe
tries to connect their main regulator to the cylinder with a plastic
hose  =8-0

BTW, your message several days ago probably kept me from experimenting
with an LP gas regulator connected directly to the output of a CO2
regulator with a metal pipe nipple.  I know better, but wasn't
thinking.  I still might put this together to see if it'll work, but I
will add a pressure relief poppet valve where the CO2 regulator's output
gauge used to be.

Best regards,