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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #662

No, its call engineering, from my perspective, chemical engineering.
You are gambling.  You are betting that your regulator will not fail.  
The odds are in your favor.  But if you throw craps, and it happens, I 
work in the compressed gas industry and have first hand knowledge, now 
you have to hope you or anyone else are not near by when it fails.  

I design pressure circuits everyday, and what you are doing is unsafe.  
Your cylinder is operating at 3 times the mawp of your Norgren regulator. 
 If that cylinder regulator fails, either via a diaphram failure or it 
just "creeps" ( can't hold your set pressure at static flow conditions ) 
you will fail your Norgren catastrophically.  

If you like to gamble, then do nothing.  If you don't, install a relief 
device or connect your Norgren to your cylinder regulator with some 
plastic hose.


Aquatic Plants Digest

>This is not rocket science! Or research, or Medical.  This is for aquarium
>fertilization.  We use a subjective estimate of flow rate based on a bubble
>count.  Some folks are just WAY too anal about whether they get 59 bubbles
>in a minute or 61.  NOTHING can replace frequent human monitoring and
>occasional adjustment and maintenance.
>Lyndle Schenck