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Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #662 -Amquel

>In a message dated 11/16/2000 3:52:25 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< Could someone recommend a water conditioner that is good to use for
>planted tanks?
> I have been using Amquel already but am worried that it may not be a good
>choice for
 >planted tanks.  Does anyone know?  I do not have chloramine in my water



>careful, Amquel raises pH
>it doesn't exactly say that in boldface on the bottle
>i've worked at 2 LFS's for over a year and literally hundreds of people
>that stuff in their tanks and, well....

I think you may be thinking of dry amquel + buffer or Novaqua not standard
Amquel. Amquel is a liquid and it does not contain any buffering ingredients
nor have I ever noticed it affecting PH.

>personally i prefer Stress Coat as far as commercially popular brands go,
>inert and effective as it is


Also Stress Coat simply breaks the Chloramine ammonia bond. It does not
scavenge the free ammonia created by this process. You would need to use
Ammolock 2 to take care of the ammonia after you use Stress Coat. In
addition Stress Coat claims to detoxify heavy metals (similiar to Novaqua).
This is not a desired process for a planted tank and would therefore IMO
eliminate Stress Coat from use in a plant tank.

Amquel does both breaking the Chloramine bond and converting the free
ammonia to ammonium in addition it also works on chlorine. I personally have
been using Red Sea's Florapure with good results in my plant tank in our
Dallas Cloraminated water.  I use Amquel and Novaqua in my fish tanks but
may start using Amquel in my plant tank instead because of cost. It is
relatively inexpensive especially when purchased by the gallon.

Larry Lampert