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Re: Isn't this pathetic....

Robert H wrote:
"Please, lets not take some tonge and cheek humorous comments and turn it
into something ugly...good grief. Nobody is having their door kicked in.."

I agree that this thread should not deterioriate into a tirade on big
government, but the cops who showed up at my home DID have a portable
"battering ram" with them, just in case the keys they obtained from the
landlord didn't work..... in which case, they would have knocked the door
out of its frame.... (I know, I asked.....)

And just one final bit...... the raid on my place was not caused by my name
showing up on any customer list from a hydroponics store. The warrant was
made out to "Person(s) Unknown, residing at.....". The cops obviously got a
"tip" from a nosey neighbour who wondered why I had all the hanging plants
and bright lights. I guess it never occurred to anyone that I might just
have a green thumb _legally_. Obviously, their binoculars were not powerful
enough to be able to identify Swedish Ivy and Boston  Ferns.

James Purchase