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Re: Wooden canopy to be built (if I'm lucky)

I need to add, now that I have _all_ parts awaiting construction . . .

The guy in charge of HS&E in the house doesn't want a wooden canopy. After 
noticing an indentation in an Perfecto strip which was apparently created by 
overheating by another strip placed temporarily on top, and after seeing the 
metal construction of some manufacturers of pfc's (Custom Sea Life, JBL), 
he's convinced it will be a fire hazard to use wood. He points out that a fan 
should be used for cooling purposes, since some manufacturers do use them for 
these light strips. This opens possibility for more potential hazard, since 
the fan could fail. Since pre-made strips are UL approved, he feels the 
retrofit kits pose a hazard. As a compromise, he's thinking a metal housing 
would be a better choice. (And I thought wood would be tough to work with).

Since I've been reading the list, I don't think I've read one report of a 
fire, or any other tragedy relating to these retrofit kits. Anybody have any