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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #650 - Subject: Is no filter an option?

Stephen -

I think you need water movement even if you don't want to filter the water.
But since you have to move water anyway, why not do some particle filtration
while you're at it?

I have a 20 gal. with a medium powerhead at one end pointed to the
diagonally opposite top corner.  I'm using a power filter sponge on it, but
Hagen sells a filter attachment for its power heads.  There are also a
number of choices for filters that don't disturb the water surface.

I believe that enhanced biological filtration through the use of filters is
unnecessary unless you keep goldfish or overstock your tank with fish.  Or
want a bare tank.  Otherwise, with a minimal level of fish, I find the
gravel and other structures in the flow of water (lava rock is excellent) to
be quite sufficient as a biological filter.  I guess that's part of why you
have to keep the water moving.  In case you're wondering what the other
reason is, it's that plants (with the possible exception of algae) need
water movement to bring nutrients in and move away oxygen.  In a stagnant
condition or with water moved only by fish, photosynthesis would be hampered
because the plants would choke.  This could possibly be avoided by a ugh ,
although I'm not certain, and if the weather gets hot, well...

Oh, BTW, there is a product that anyone with plants in their tank should
avoid: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Proper pH 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5.  This automatic
pH adjuster uses a phosphate buffer and will, depending on the initial pH,
fill your tank with phosphates and later, green slime algae.  There is an
instruction on their Web site that it should not be used with plants.

----- Original Message ----- > Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 13:10:25 -0600
> From: Stephen Boulet <stepheb at comm_mot.com>
> Subject: Is no filter an option?
> I was wondering if it were an option to remove all of my filters on my
> heavily planted, moderately stocked (with fish) 55 gallon?
> I am worried about nitrites, but perhaps that wouldn't build up since
> the ammonia would be practically eliminated due to the plants.
> Are there any dangers that people see?
> - -- Stephen
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