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That's It (CO2 Systems)

Dave Wrote: 

"One place to attack avoidance is at the regulator.  There are two stage 
regulators (where one regulator feeds another, do not confuse with two 
gauge regulators), down-stream regulators (that regulate based on output 
pressure, not input pressure), and better grade regulators (that undergo 
much less pressure rise as the input pressure falls).  All these strategies 
increase the cost of the system.  Whether they are worth it depends on many 
too many factors for one person to attempt to decide for 
another.  Generally speaking. if you are handy with tools and savvy enough 
to do your own CO2 system design, you should expect avoidance to add an 
extra $100-300 to the cost of your CO2 system."


I have to disagree with you on your cost projection for the avoidance
approach.  As I have posted previously, I use a second mini-regulator
downstream of the primary tank regulator.  You don't need a special
high-pressure regulator so the mini-regulator is well within its operating
pressure range to regulate the 35 psig from the tank to 2 psig to the needle
valve manifold.  The specific equipment I have in use on three systems right
now is the ARO model #127112820.  Total cost (three years ago) was around
$30 including the gauge and fittings.  This is MUCH less than $100 - $300.
I'm sure there are other equally suitable regulators available in a similar
price range.

Lyndle Schenck