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unfolding leaves?

Hey all, I tried to look for the answer to this on the krib, but i couldn't
really figure out what to search for and didn't find my answer...
anyway, the echinodorus that i have in my tank are all apparantly doing very
well, sending up flower stalks, plantelets, new leaves, no rotting, yellow, or
faded leaves..... the problem is that some of the leaves are twisted or folded...
they don't seem to straighten out or unfold... this is distinct from the
occasional "crumpled" leaf that I get (the kind that looks like a piece of paper
crumpled in someone's hand) its hard to explain... i figure there is some kind of
nutrient deficiency, but i'm not sure what... i don't have CO2, and i haven't
started adding liquid fertilizer yet (i'm planning on just using seachem's
flurish to start)... the substrate is a fertile home-made mix (individual pots)
that includes peat, peat-humus, potting soil, garden soil/glay, gravel, and used
fliter carbon all topped off with a layer of gravel... i have been very satisfied
with the substrate, but i'm not sure if i'm missing something... so before i go
messing around with things... i'd figure i'd ask first