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over wintering swords

Hi!  I just read some ones post on over wintering plants and asking about 
greenhouses.  I do not know how helpful this will be but I presently have a 
garage full of exotic plants that I over winter every year including orchids, 
orange trees, jasmines, patchouli, allamanda, etc., etc.  I was a terrestrial 
plant nut before I got into aquariums.  I just use regular old shop lights 
from home depot and lots of them.  The moisture due to humidity is strong 
enough to grow algae on every thing but not enough to harm the lights 
apparently.  I also have a tub full of exotic pond plants and they do okay 
also.  My garage is not technically a greenhouse but it functions well as one 
every winter.  I have cattleyas blooming out there now.  Thanks, Teresa.