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re: Greenhouse Lights

> From: Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com> 
>     Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 13:39:51 -0500 
>     In-Reply-To: <200011130848.DAA07762 at actwin_com> 
> 1.      How are the lighing fixtures protected w/in the greenhouse when the
> humidity is so high?

The lamps and the fixtures are hot, so the moisture should not condense
on them.

> 2.      I assume CF lights use less energy than MH lights.  Thus, can CF lights
> be used in a greenhouse?

No, CF and MH lamps are about the same.  Good MH lamps start out more
efficient than CF's, but they don't age as well.  HPS or linear T8/TL80
(a.k.a. "SPX") are cheaper and more efficient than either CF or MH.  

> I'm thinking of building a greenhouse for some swords to over - "winter"
> and am curious to learn from others who grow orchids and other exotics.
> Have you tried growing your aquatic plants in your green house?   

Is this really a greenhouse you're talking about, or a basement "grow
room"?  The difference is the natural light that will be coming into a
greenhouse.  If it's really a greenhouse, use HPS lamps to suppliment
the natural light - there will be plenty of blue light getting in from
the sky.  Just plain old 400W or 1000W HPS lamps, like street lights or
security floodlights.

For indoor use, there is no significant natural light, so you have to
provide enough total light energy *and* enough red and blue light to
regulate the plant growth.  I've had the best results indoors with
F32T8-SPX30 fluorescents.  A close second place is the old 40W "grow
lux" lamps that look a weird dim magenta color.  The plants don't seem
to grow as well under the MH lamp, but I've recently relamped it to use
a coated lamp with 3000K color temperature.  It is too soon to draw any
conclusions on the new MH lamp.  I also bought a surplus 400W HPS flood
light that I might put down there this winter.  If you use HPS lamps
indoors, you really should either suppliment the the light with MH or
fluorescent, or use a "Son Agro" lamp to provide additional blue light. 
Maybe just a "deluxe" HPS would provide enough blue light, otherwise I
don't know how they could provide decent color rendering.

The F32T8 fixtures are sure a lot more pleasant to be around.  The light
looks good, and the electronic ballasts are silent.

I'm gonna try raising gloxinias from seed this winter -- along with the
peppers and amaryllis and Cyphomandra betacea that I am overwintering.
Next year, I might try growing orchids.

Best regards,