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Re: Avoiding the "fuzz"

Dwight asked:
"On another note, does anyone know of a SAFE, LEGAL & ABOVE BOARD way to
obtain hydroponic equipment that will not inadvertently automatically
"red-flag" me w/ the local flat-foots?"

That should be simple - pay cash. You don't have to give your name and/or
address to the dealer when paying with greenbacks, so there is less of a
chance that the "drug police" could get knowledge of your buying habits. Of
course, if your power bills are out of proportion to those of your
neighbours, that might be a red flag that you really can't do anything

I'd suggest that you also let ALL of your neighbours know what you are up to
(if those high powered metal halide lights are going to be lighting up the
night sky) and offer to let anyone who is curious tour your facilities.
Quite often, nosey neighbours make phone calls out of some misguided sense
of "civic duty" (or just plain jealousy).

What about contacting the authorities and telling them WHY your want to buy
and use the hydroponic equipment and ask them how you can safeguard yourself
from unexpected visits in the middle of the night?

James Purchase
(Been there, done that.....scared the devil out of me.....)