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Whoa!  I was just checking out the compact flourescent
stuff, and I realized that for a 36 inch tank, I would
be using a 96 watt bulb.  I guess that would be
overdoing it.  

Maybe it would be better to just build a fixture using
another electronic ballast and two more Zoomeds.  I
guess what I really want to know is: how much better
are PCFs than T8s?  

Could the Triton really be responsible for the lower
quality growth of the corymbrosa?

If I do go with a newer fixture up front and space
both fixtures more evenly, what would be an easy way
to seal up the gaps so all my shrimp don't end up dead
and dried up on the floor? 

I could go with the PCFS and save the current fixture.
 What would YOU do?

What is the meaning of life?

Thanks, and sorry for being such a doofus, Cavan (who
can never leave well enough alone)


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