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Tired Of My Triton

Hi everyone.

My Zoomed bulbs have been running since the beginning
of September.  They are in a Perfecto double strip
fixture retrofitted with an Osram-Sylvania System 32IS
electronic ballast.  I could not alter the geometry of
the reflector, but I did cover the inside surface area
with mylar I got at a hobby shop.  

The rear bulb is an 8500k Flora Sun, and the front one
is a 6500k Ultra Sun.  They are very bright.  Also,
I'm pleased with the color rendering.  Overall, the
light is bright, clear, and crisp.  The plants seem to
like it too.  All except the stargrass, but that's
another story...

Up front is a single Triton tube.  I have a few issues
with it.  For one, it gives off a light that's kind of
pinkish.  I knew it might be that way when I got it,
but this is more than I care for.  I have some
Hygrophylia corymbrosa that starts in the back of the
tank and runs towards the front.  The hygro growing
under the Zoomeds looks lush and green, while that
under the Triton looks yellowish with green persisting
around the veins, making it an eyesore in an otherwise
good looking tank.  I know this could have to do with
other factors, but I can't help but wonder.  If it
doesn't improve after I give it a Flourish tab, I'll
blame it on the light.  Also, it sometimes doesn't
come on with the timer.

The fixture it's in is ancient and falling apart.  I
want to replace both the bulb and fixture, which could
be put to better use elsewhere.

Would replacing the Triton fixture with a compact
flourescent fixture be good?  AH Supply kits are
relatively inexpensive, and I'm thinking of getting
one.  What does everyone think of putting one in at
the same time as the Zoomeds?  I think it might be a
good comparison test, not to mention giving more even
light distribution.  If I did, should this fixture go
in front, or be put in the back?  I think if I started
all over again, I would just have gone with the CFs.  

One other thing.  Is it possible to get feathery
plants to grow without being leggy under lights other
than halides of compact flourescents?  I don't have
any now, but it seems that you get that "reaching"
effect under any regular flourescent bulb.  

Thanks, Cavan.

The fixture it's in is 15+ years old strip light
that's barely holding together.  

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