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Problem with Plant growth

I seem to be having problems with my plants, mainly my Hygro green, it
doesn't appear to be growing and deteriating. I noticed there was a
deficiency K2O so I went ahead and dosed some more Kent. My plants have
grown ALOT when I started to dose KNO3, however now the only plant growing
is spot,black,hair algae, my jungle val and funny enough, my java moss is
actually growing! However my bulb, hygro green and melon swords are stumped.
They are a bright neon green color, I do have a DIY co2 injection. I  have
roughly 20-30ppm of nitrate now. But I'm growing more algae than plants, I'm
not sure what to do, daily water changes, covering the tank for a week..?? I
have 2 5000k bulbs w/ a total of 30 watts of lighting 12 hours a day and
desperate for plant growth :) Would a combination of cutting the Co2 and
doing daily water changes bring back the plants health?

- Matt