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Re: Fewer Water Changes, No Filtration

    Hi Larry Miracle,

    Would you please give a little more info about some tanks you mentioned 
in recent posts?  I'm wondering:

>I've got lots of tanks with no filters that I breed guppies and platties in.
>I have had as many as 25 adult platties in a tank set up this way without
>any problems.

    What size tank was this one with the 25 adult Platties?

    Another post (snip):
>I don't change water near as often as I used to even in my discus tanks.
>I let one go six months without any water changes while monitoring water
>conditions and at the end of six months ammonia was 0, nitrite 0, and 
nitrate <5.

    Would you give a basic overview of this tank- it's size, rough estimate 
of the fish-load, amount of light, etc?  Is it set up following Diana 
Walsted's method, as the tanks on your website are?

    Also, I just want to add that I really enjoyed your website.

    Thanks Alot,

    Zach K