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Re: My noxious weeds and aquariums without filters

Rhonda writes:

> I believe that it is legal for me to have them
>  and even share them, as long as I don't send them to another state.

Yes it is.

>  Honestly I didn't know they were on the noxious weed list, I'm actually
>  glad to know what is illegal in plants. I have no desire to break the
>  law with my fish or plants. I have 60+ tanks and a dozen kiddie pools
>  outside. I certainly don't want to do anything that might make any
>  government agency come and mess up my aquarium stuff.

They aren't likely to do that.  It is good, as you said, to know which ones 
you can ship across the country and which ones you can't.  I have ambulia in 
one of my tanks, and I'm going to remember not to share with folks on this 
list.  I will, however, take extra down to the LFS, as long as the boss there 
understands that it is APHIS listed.

The government is fighting a losing battle against plants, rodents, and 
insects that are being innocently imported, and then wreaking havoc in the 
local ecosystems where they end up.  While there may have been veiled threats 
in their email, they were basically just asking for you r help.  Big Brother 
just isn't very good at dealing with citizens as equals rather than subjects.

Bob Dixon