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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #652

> What kind of lighting would I need on a 30 gallon 36" long tank to grow
> Micro sword, I really can't afford a $200 setup just for lights :) Would 3
> watts to the gallon suffice?
> - Matt

 2x 20 watts to 3x30 watts would be fine. 3 Watts a gallon will grow it
fine. You can get these kinds of lights at hardware stores and DIY project
for under 50$ with bulbs.
The Micro sword:
It won't look like the the dense mats that are grown emmersed after it grows
out some. Hairgrass would give you a better effect IMO. It does well at
lower lighting as well. Most plants that people say are High light plants
are fine as long as your water depth is not to great (over 20 inches). Crypt
X willisii is very nice but needs patience as well. I've done well at
1.6-2.0 w/gal or so with most every plant that is suppose to be "high
Some plants do better at higher light but for the most part....they do fine
at 2 watts a gallon at 16" depth. Nice PC's are great but they do cost some
Tom Barr