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BGA gone!

I have a 10-gallon tank that had a large amount of BGA growing in it. It
was originally set up as a fry tank for guppy and platy fry. There were
some plastic plants, some Java Fern, and some duckweed in it. I couldn't
maintain the water quality and the fry died. Everything was covered with
BGA. After the fry died, I put some ghost shrimp in it. (There were
already some snails in it.) I've only been feeding them a few small
sinking pellets once a day. On Thursday, around 3 PM, I turned off the
lights, since I was going to be gone over night. The lights were off all
day Friday. On Saturday, I looked at the tank, and all the BGA was gone!
I hadn't even done a water-change for weeks. I wish I knew if it was
turning off the lights that killed the BGA. I can't remember if I even
looked at the tank before I left on Thursday. So the BGA may have been
gone already. So was it the lack of light that killed off the BGA? Or did
it use up whatever (dissolved organics, maybe) that it needed to survive?
Your responses will be appreciated. Thanks.

Jim Newville
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