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My noxious weeds and aquariums without filters

Just a couple comments about the comments. :) I did feel that there was
a subtle threat to the letter, which did make me feel somewhat
uncomfortable. I did put the list on my web site though and I don't mind
telling people that they are noxious weeds. I will also mention those
that are on the list on my individual pages one of these days, when I
get around to updating the pages next. I'm all for protecting our
environment as much as possible. I can't tell you how many times I've
told people not to let their, fish, frogs or ducks out in the wild. 

There was a comment about being glad they didn't break down my door or
something to that effect. I believe that it is legal for me to have them
and even share them, as long as I don't send them to another state.
Honestly I didn't know they were on the noxious weed list, I'm actually
glad to know what is illegal in plants. I have no desire to break the
law with my fish or plants. I have 60+ tanks and a dozen kiddie pools
outside. I certainly don't want to do anything that might make any
government agency come and mess up my aquarium stuff. I've heard of
terrible tales of people having their fish confiscated because some
government agent didn't know what their fish were and then getting
almost nothing back after the government realized their mistake because
the government killed their fish through poor care. I sure don't want
that to happen to me. I'm very careful to not have illegal fish. I'm
glad to know what plants to watch out for too now.

On a totally unrelated issue, unfiltered tanks. The majority of mine
are. I have a few with box filters or small undergravel filters, but not
too many. I don't use air or circulation of any kind in most of my
tanks. I breed a lot of fish and have plenty of extra plant growth. I
sometimes sell plants on aquabid and never had a complaint about
quantity or quality of the plants I've sent so I think they're ok. I
basically use aquarium gravel, tap water and lots of plants. There are
pictures on my web site if anyone is interested in the results I've had
with unfiltered tanks, though the latest photos are about a year old.
I've been pretty busy the last year having a new baby, and didn't do
much else because I was pretty sick the whole time. :) I'm going to get
more pictures up one of these days. I'm also scheduled to speak at the
COAST aquarium club in Southern CA this summer if anyone wants to see
videos of my tanks then. 

I think there is a bit more risk with an unfiltered tank but it's worked
out great for me. I wouldn't want to do it any other way. This is just
my personal preference though. There are a lot of great tanks out there
that use all the bells and whistles too. I think there are a lot of
options out there for a planted tank and what one a person uses is
mostly up to what is most satisfying for them personally.