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Re: plant growth w/out water change

You should read Diana Walstad's book; Ecology of the planted aquarium.
In it Diana talks about why water changes aren't as necessary in a fully planted
tank and how over time, water in the tank may become better suited to the plants
than replacement water.
I don't change water near as often as I used to even in my discus tanks.
I let one go six months without any water changes while monitoring water conditions
and at the end of six months ammonia was 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate <5.
Usually I change some water about two months or so in most of my tanks.
I would get some test kits though if you want to try this.

Larry Miracle

> "  I have been quite busy the last few weeks, and have pretty much
> ignored my tanks.  The funny thing is, is that I never see as good of
> growth in my 35 plant tank as when i leave it without water changes for
> a few weeks.  The Hygro. polysperma is growing very fast, the Ludwiga
> ripens, that wasn't growing, is no doing great, Lileopsis (spelling?)
> has pretty much taken over it's areas.  All of the stem plants,
> actually are doing better than usual.
>   Also, most of the swords are doing great, Anubias, Java fern and
> moss, Crypts., etc.  All of the plants seem to be doing better with the
> lack of water changes.  I'm almost afraid to do one now that I have
> time this weekend."
> Any ideas/suggestions?
> =====
> J. Miller
> Edmonton, AB, Can.