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Re: Is no filter an option?

I've got lots of tanks with no filters that I breed guppies and platties in.
For me the trick is to have hornwort and duckweed in them.
My pH is about 7.2 and I don't add CO2.
Substrate is potting soil.

For some reason algae does not do good in these tanks.
I think algae depend on water current to bring nutrients to them.
All the suspended particles settle out and the water is very clear.
There seems to be enough water movement from the fish swimming around and
convection currents from the heater.
I have had as many as 25 adult platties in a tank set up this way without any

I would reduce filtration and current gradually before removing it all together.
It may take time for occupants to adjust and you wouldn't want your tank to crash.

Larry Miracle

> "I was wondering if it were an option to remove all of my filters on my
> heavily planted, moderately stocked (with fish) 55 gallon?"
> "I am worried about nitrites, but perhaps that wouldn't build up since
> the ammonia would be practically eliminated due to the plants."
> "Are there any dangers that people see?"
> - -- Stephen