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Re: Under gravel Heat Cables

Just a cautionary note... GFCI's *WILL NOT* protect against problems in the
cable itself unless the cable goes short circuit. The *ONLY* thing that
will trip a GFCI besides overcurrent is a path for the current to go to
ground. If you are using a GFCI with the intention of having it protect
from things going wrong *inside* your tank I suggest using a ground probe
for the tank to allow a fault such as fractured insulation on a cable to
cause it to trip.

Personally I will stick with low-voltage cables. And for all those people
who have wondered for years what kind of wire it is that is
silicone-insulated "like dupla uses", the wire is UL Style # 3239. It's a
high-voltage corona resistant wire. I managed to find some 400 feet or so
surplus for a few bucks, but the normal price is up around $1/foot in low
quantities. If anyone has been looking for this stuff email me off list and
I can provide some places to order from.


>Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 11:04:32 -0500
>From: "Schenck, Lyndle" <lschenck at dcscorp_com>
>Monolith Marine Monsters has Under gravel Heat coils cheaper than you can
>make them.  They sell the Azoo cables that run directly on line (115 VAC).
>I was apprehensive about that but the cables seem to be well made and I have
>a good Ground Fault Circuit protection.