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emersed filter/salt

Hi All,

I have a 30 gal. tank w/ Mollies, Platties Guppies, and no plants.  (This 
is in addition to my two plant tanks).  The water has a small amount of 
salt in it, approx. 1 tsp./gallon, and the pH is around 7.8 - 8.0.  There 
are TONS of baby and juvenile fish in this tank, and the Nitrates are quite 
getting high (up to100 ppm).  No algae though, its all eaten by the young'ns.

Although the obvious solution is to add plants to the tank, I just don't 
want to maintain a third plant tank.  I am thinking of building an emersed 
plant filter, of the kind being discussed recently.  (Emersed plants seem 
like they'd be much easier to maintain - or am I fooling myself??)

Does anyone have any experience with plants (emersed or immersed)  in 
slightly salty water?  Or any thoughts?  Or is this level of salt negligible?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Gilmore
Los Angeles