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plant growth w/out water change

  I have been quite busy the last few weeks, and have pretty much
ignored my tanks.  The funny thing is, is that I never see as good of
growth in my 35 plant tank as when i leave it without water changes for
a few weeks.  The Hygro. polysperma is growing very fast, the Ludwiga
ripens, that wasn't growing, is no doing great, Lileopsis (spelling?)
has pretty much taken over it's areas.  All of the stem plants,
actually are doing better than usual.
  Also, most of the swords are doing great, Anubias, Java fern and
moss, Crypts., etc.  All of the plants seem to be doing better with the
lack of water changes.  I'm almost afraid to do one now that I have
time this weekend.

Any ideas/suggestions?


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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