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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #649

Well I personally love this hobby. I also feel they have been wearing two
hats down at USDA as they do in USA's politics.
That noxious weed list is too small and should have many other's added.
Aquatics are one thing but they do not constitute the loin's share of the
plants that are invasive that get sold or imported in the USA. The reef
coral folks have the same problem as we do and perhaps we should take a
similar approach as well.

> "Robert H" <robertpaulh at earthlink_net>
> Subject: More from Polly
> Someone off list forwarded me a copy of an email he got from the same Polly
> of the USDA in response to asking her about importing Hydrocotle vulgaris,
> (pennywort) Let me ask if anyone here thinks the USDA is going over their
> boundaries here...notice the reference to a proposed regulation of the USDA
> considering EVERY non naitive aquatic plant for importing into the USA as a
> noxious weed... (didnt Tom Barr say Hydrocotyle was a USA naitive plant?)

Some are, some are introduced, all are weeds pretty much, as well. I think
we need to look at it as intent. Tell them what they want to hear and be
responsible.  The Plant Police will get you:) You can call her/him Poison
Tom Barr