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Re: Showcase/Contest

Roger asked:
"I was aware that judging results are (and have all along) been expected
'round-about November 30.  I was wondering about the showcase, which
according to the web site was supposed to open for viewing and "peoples
choice" voting in early November.  Was that plan changed?"

Yes, it was changed. We haven't lessened our committment to the Showcase
aspect of the event, but it seems that the folks who entered are a pretty
competative bunch...... maybe I rounded up too many nice Prizes..... I think
that the only aquascapes which were entered into the Showcase ONLY only were
a couple from committee members. Everyone else want a chance to win that big
aquarium from All Glass Aquarium.

Regarding the Prizes..... I would like to make something known in advance.
The largest prize which was donated was the 72 gallon bow front tank and
stand from All Glass Aquarium. Due to the value of this item, we have
decided to award this to the winner of the Best of Show in the Contest. This
is a physically BIG item and, like all things made from glass, relatively
fragile. All Glass Aquarium has agreed to deliver this item, at their cost,
to either a distributor or a pet store with which they have an account,
close to the ultimate winner's home. It will be up to the winner to get it
from the store to their home. This is applicable within the continental U.S.
ONLY - All Glass will NOT ship the tank overseas.

Should the winner be someone from outside of the United States, alternative
arrangement shall have to be made. The most likely scenario, in the event
that the winner of this item is not a U.S. resident, is that we will list
the aquarium on e-bay and auction it off, awarding the proceeds to the
winner. Due to the high cost of shipping such a fragile item overseas, we
will have no other alternative.

James Purchase