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Re: Under gravel Heat Cables

On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, George Booth wrote:

> >Monolith Marine Monsters has Under gravel Heat coils cheaper than you can
> >make them.  They sell the Azoo cables that run directly on line (115 VAC).
> >I was apprehensive about that but the cables seem to be well made and I have
> >a good Ground Fault Circuit protection.
> I wouldn't worry too much about 115v cables. People use 115v heaters 
> (enclosed in glass!) all the time. 115v powerheads are very popular. When 
> is the last time you herd of someone killed by a broken heater or powerhead?

And it's not like low voltage is all that much of a safety factor, either!
Remember the incident a few years back when a prominent aquarist on Usenet
met his watery demise through his low-voltage cables? ;)

Roger Miller