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Looking for Echinodorus growing tips


I have had some success with plants, but Echinodurus Var. have not been
among my successes:( I have killed a Red Flame & and an Osirus, and the
Bleeheri barely survive,and are definately not thriving.I have been adding
Tropica Mastergrow liquid fertilizer to the the water,and have been placing
Aquarium Pharaceuticals "Root Tabs" under the plants.The tank is a
90gal(48"Lx18"Wx24"H),and has(for now)two twin bulb shop lights,one with
Vitalites, one with Phillips Grow Bulbs, lights on a timer for 10 hours/day.I
will be adding an additional shoplight(w/GE Chroma 50's)as soo as I have time
to build a frame to hold all three.
   Tank is kept @ ~79 deg F,Water is a mix of 25%tap(softened with peat) and
75% R/O,PH is at or near 7.0,hardness unknown,as it is impossible to get an 
accurate reading with the amber tint from the peat,my guess would be
~60ppm.....a 15gal w/c is done every week to 10 days.Filtration is by a Fluval
404 Cannister hooked to a home made PVC spraybar(kept below surface to
minimize CO2 dissipation)supplemented by an old 203.
   Substrate is quartz gravel w/First Layer pure laterite underneath(and a
small amount mixed into the first inch of gravel)
   Any suggestions/reccommendations greatly appreciated....and once this is
sorted out,maybe we'll see if we can't get one of my several Apono's that are
sending runners to actually produce some plantlets :):)
   Sorry in advance for the length.....
                                                  James(Western Canada)

fortunejd at usa_net

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