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Get your red hot web addresses

Getchur Redhots! Gettim now, while yah can!

Aquajapan http://www.aquajapan.com
Aquarium Bureau http://www.hi-ho.ne.jp/view
M's Oasis http://www2.wbs.ne.jp/~mochi/
Agen's Homepage http://www2.tomato.ne.jp/~shin/
My Life With African Cichlids http://www3.nsknet.or.jp/~sakaikun/index.htm
Nature Aquarium http://www.geocities.co.jp/HeartLand-Suzuran/3349/
Kingyo Aquarium http:member.nifty.ne.jp/kingyoaqrium/index.htm
Kingyo Rumba http:www1.ocn.ne.jp/~rumba/
Coral Reef http:village.infoweb.ne.jp/~ki/
And the one in great demand
Pisces Publishing http:www.cnet-ta.ne.jp/pisceshp
e-mail: pisces at po_cnet-ta.ne.jp

I hope this will keep you all busy until the next installment of Japanese 
Club and list URL's.

Edward Venn
Tokyo Japan
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