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Mystery Shrimp

Hello everyone.  Today I stopped in a LFS and saw some
"algae eating shrimp" for sale that I have never seen
before.  They look like Caridina japonica in body
shape, but their coloration and markings differ.  The
base body coloration is a somewhat pale brick red,
somewhat brighter in some.  Over the head and "neck"
area is a central, lengthwise beige stripe, bordered
in white if I recall correctly.  Farther back along
the body are several crosswise bars (that do not go
very far down on to the sides) of the same color. 
They were pretty small.  

Can anyone shed some insight as to what they might be?
 They do not look like the so-called bumblebee shrimp.
 Probably a Caridina species though.  

I wonder how they might get along with all my much
larger Caridina japonica (assuming some fish doesn't
get them).  They were pretty inexpensive though...


Thanks, Cavan ---- in Pittsburgh    (hey Aaron)

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