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Re:Re: Noxious weeds and Rhonda's e-mails

>>==> I have to disagree here.  First of all, when you post a web page, it
is PUBLIC information, anyone and everyone can view it, the USDA did not
have to do any kind of 'snooping' whatsoever to find the site.  I am acutely
sensitive to privacy issues, however, I think that once you put yourself in
the public domain, you shouldn't be surprised (or offended) when you are
noticed. <<

Well the point you are missing is that someone made a complaint against
Rhonda to the USDA. It says so very plainly in the email. The USDA is not
waisting its time going around checking every little WEB site, but they do
follow up on complaints. The intent however sugar coated it was, was to
scare Rhonda into not promoting plants that are on the noxious weed list. If
you followed this logic, every plant book ever published would have to be
recalled, re-written as to not to include the most common and heavily used
plant in the hobby, Hygrophila polysperma.

Since I buy plants wholesale from reputable dealers, I know my plants are
strictly legall, but anyone doing "trades" or casually selling plants over
the net or by email, or whatever should really stand up and take notice. Its
not that big brother may be looking over your shoulder, its the neighbor or
lurker you should worry about. And if Rhonda was selling one of those
plants, the email to her wouldnt have been so nice! All of us should be
respectfull of the laws wether we agree with them or not. Invasive plants is
a huge problem...particularly for the boating lobby.

Robert Paul H
RK Aquaria Plant Forum moderator
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