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10,000K bulbs

Hi All,

With regards the call for comments on 10,000K bulbs:  I tried a 10,000K 
bulb a couple of years ago, and had very poor results.  This seemed like a 
good idea to me too, but it didn't pan out, at least for me.

The tank was an 18 gal tall (20 in high) w/ two 15 W bulbs.  Though the 
amount of light was on the low side, I got respectable plant growth and 
"in-control" algae with both 1 Vita Lite + 1 Cool White, and 1 Vita Lite + 
1 Coralife Nutra Grow.  When I changed to 1 Vita Lite + one 10,000K 
(Coralife) bulb, the plant growth became very poor, and the algae (esp. 
Black Brush algae) became rampant.  This went on for a few 
months.  Finally, I removed the 10,000K bulb, and in a few months plant 
growth returned, and the algae subsided (slowly).  As far as I know, 
nothing else in the system changed.

Though I didn't make the connection at the time, in retrospect I attribute 
the problems to the 10,000K bulb.

Mark Gilmore
Los Angeles