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Re: Noxious Weeds...Noxious words....

R. Duff wrote:

>If Hygrophila polysperma and Limnophila sessiliflora are noxious weeds and 
>you need a permit to transport them, how come I see them in pet stores all 
>the time?

I live in the heart of aquatic plant growing country here in South Florida
where at least 80% of all the aquarium plants sold on the American
continent are grown and sold wholesale.  Florida Aquatic Nurseries for
example, is just a 15min drive north of me  as are many other growers.
The reason you still see these plants in your local pet shop is b/c many
petshops still get them as part of "assortments" sold by some growers.  

If some grower gets to pick your $500.00 aquarium plant order as an
assortment you get MORE plants for your money than if you picked them out
yourself.  So even though his price list may not say he has plant so-'an-so
the retailer might well get a few of these plants in the set.  

JAMES:-) Hallucinated:

>If people in Florida can re-name fish without federal intervention, people
>in Arizona should certainly be allowed to post web sites without being
>required to parrot "official doctrine".

JAMES:-), JAMES:-), JAAAAMMMEESSS:-)!!! [sung to the tune of "Shame, Shame,
Shaaammmeee!] JUST when you were beginning to make a reasonable argument
you just HAD to throw in THAT piece of utter nonsense! >:-)  Surely you
jest!   We Floridians have for several years chosen a common name for OUR
species that evolved in Florida.  It is a common name that more closely
aligned w/ its scientific name.  Florida Flag Fish  (Jordanella floridae)or
FFF.  We reject the establishment of an "official doctrine" to FORCE us to
adopt American Flag Fish as the name for our fish.  We reject high-handed
interferance and imperialism from unofficial  members of the Canadian
government in the exercise of our FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! >:-) 
~Florida Flag Fish FOREVER!!! :-D

Florida Flagfish for Hairalgae Elimination: