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Re:Re: Aquatic catepillars

When I went back to Penang, Malaysia in June, I was hoping to pick up some
aquatic plants at a city river nearby my house. I was only able to find lots
of anacharis there. They grow in a very big bunch and at least 4 foot in
length in the river. My dad and I took some of them home.

When soaking them in water, my dad noticed lots of tiny caterpillars
attached to the anacharis's leaves. There were hundreds or thousands of
them! I went to the local pharmacy and got some Potassium Permanganate with
the hope that it would get rid off the caterpillars. But even hours of
soaking in pretty concentrated potassium permanaganate solution, those worms
were still kicking and alive. Of course, the anacharis were killed after
soaking longer than several minutes in potassium permanganate as expected.

My dad was able to kill those caterpillars using the insect spray for
mosquito and ect. Of course, I didn't put those plants in the aquarium.

Kean Huat
P/S We also saw lots of tetras(I think) with a black spot on their backs in
that river.