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10000K Bulbs

I was talking to a few people about this last weekend,
and I think its worthy of a short request for

I recently purchased a 4x55W compact flourescent
system for my new 75 gallon tank.  The nice part about
this system is that I can use either 55W or 36W bulbs
with the ballast.  That said, the manufacturer (after
being contacted by the retailer I purchased it from)
suggested 10000K bulbs instead of the 6500K bulbs that
I purchased it with.  Has anyone tried this before? 
Is this as weird as I think it is?

Some of us on the weekend were discussing the
advantages of running some blue spectrum lights (from
actinic to powerglo's) in order to spruce up the red
plants, but I would think (at minimum) that 2 6500K
and 2 10000K would be better than 4 10000K bulbs.


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