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emerse growth humidity requirements

I find that I can grow many aquatic plants in small tanks of soil that
have been soaked in water. I cover the top with plastic food wrap and
this keeps the humidity in for several months. If you can see
condensation on the sides of the glass, there's enough humidity. If the
sides are dry, it may already be too late. One of my tanks went that way
possibly because the plastic wrap had a gap or leak. I like to mix water
logged peat with the soil as this decomposes to release CO2 and helps to
hold water for a long time and prevents the soil from becoming like a
rock if it dries up too much. The humidity in these closed tanks is
effectively 100% I believe. Possibly less just after lights on in the
morning. I would avoid adding too much water to the soil; this may
encourage mold etc. Best to have a mixture of fine sand, clay and peat
with a good proportion of soil to add micro organisms.
Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

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