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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #646

I didn't see my email in the last two digests so I will try again.

I read the articles in the Krib and other sources.  I have what I will 
call for lack of a better discriptor, cotton ball like dark green algae  
that grow along the surface of the tank and especially under the plant 
leaves. It grow very thickly.  I describe it as cotton ball like because 
it has individual threads of algae that grow matted.  Ottos and SAE won't 
touch it.  I basically goe in and try and remove it, but it grows so 
intertwinned among my E. bolivianus and E quadrocostatus that I end up 
pulling out the plants.

     It only grows in one of my 4 tanks.  Any idea of what it is and what 
could keep it in control/eliminate it?