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Re: Noxious weeds

>>I know this has been somewhat discussed in the past but I thought some of
you would be interested in this information. In the last few months I had 2
people from the USDA APHIS contact me via email because I have information
about salvinia on my web site. I'm copying the email here because I feel
it's relevant to many on the list. Anyway, take it as you may. I personally
have mixed feelings, but I did post their list on my
site and I sure won't be selling or shipping any of the plants I have on
their list. I have to say I do feel uncomfortable with the big brother like
way they seem to be handling this, but I have to say the individual people
I've emailed in the department have been courteous.

Fortunetly, the only common aquarium plants on that list are Hygrophila
polysperma,(green hygro) and Ambulia. There are other forms of Ambulia that
arent on the list, and I have gotten conflicting reports about "Tropical
Sunset" hygro on if its illegal or not since its a hybrid form of
polysperma. Rhonda, if the government can find you, they can find anyone on
the WEB selling these plants, and people would be foolish to do so. As you
can see, the fines are pretty hefty. Arizona Aquatic got popped for this
early this year, and since then has put a note on their WEB site saying
these plants are illegal. The catch phrase is "permit required". I have been
told that some nuseries are getting permits for hygrophila which is why you
still see them in some stores...but the permits are very expensive and
complicated to get which most mail order companies can not afford. It would
be doubtfull if anyone selling these plants mail order is doing so legally.

Robert Paul H
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