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Re: Aquatic catepillars

Hi folks

Thanks to everyone who commented on my catepillar infestation.
I think they came in on a bunch of Elodea (Egeria) which came from a LFS. Interestingly, not long after I planted this I saw several
small moths under the glass. Thought it was unusual but had no idea what was in store!
My advice is that if anyone sees moths under the glass of their tank get them before they get you (or your plants!).
It's this kind of experience that speaks very highly of Tropica plants. At my LFS Tropica plants are kept separate from plants from
"other sources". I would think this would render them less likely to be contaminated. Ah hindsight (sigh!).
I'm now on thlook for "mosquito bits" ... thanks for the tip Dwight.

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta