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Emersed Plants!!

I just found out today that I have several plants which do better Emersed! I
was very surprised at this, dont ask me why, just was, heh.

Anyway, can Lilaeopsis sp "Mauritius" be emersed as well? I'm curious how
deep do I make the water for it to grow as well as anubius nana and a few

Also how much humidity is needed to grow emersed? I have a Toad tank which
is half water and half land, and I'd like to emerse my Amazon sword in it. I
can't fog up the glass and the toads don't like 100% humidity.

However I did put an airstone in the water, about 7" above the water level
is a glass covering which covers about 10.5" of the top of the tank, leaving
a screen lid down the middle of about 1.5" in width for air circulation, and
the tank is 20" in length and 12" in width, would this be sufficient
humidity to grow the Amazon sword?

I'm also curious if I might have to supplement things like Iron, the toads
drink by absorbing the water through their skin, just curious if this might
be a problem or if I probably won't need to add iron at all.